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Are you looking for someone to help market your next release? Need help with publicity and branding? Hit us up and let's chat!

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Branding &
Graphic Design

  • Branding: We work with our artists to develop a unique and memorable brand that reflects their image and music style. This includes creating logos, color schemes, and typography that are consistent across all of their marketing materials. We also assist in developing artist slogans, taglines, and overall messaging to make sure the artist brand is communicated effectively to fans and industry professionals.

  • Graphic Design: We provide a range of graphic design services to help our artists promote their music and events. This includes designing album artwork, tour posters, merchandise designs, and social media graphics. Our team of experienced designers will work closely with our artists to create visually stunning designs that capture the essence of their music and connect with their target audience.

Publicity: We work with our artists to develop a comprehensive publicity plan that includes pitching their music to various media outlets and securing coverage in print, online, and broadcast outlets. We also assist in arranging interviews, appearances, and other opportunities for our artists to get their music in front of new audiences.

Social Media Strategy: We provide guidance and support for our artists to develop a strong online presence. This includes creating and maintaining social media accounts, developing a content strategy, and creating engaging posts that connect with fans and industry professionals. Our team helps the artists to stay active on social media, make the most of their platforms, and grow their fan base.

Press: We assist our artists in managing their relationships with the media and industry professionals. This includes crafting press releases, arranging press events and conferences, and helping our artists to prepare for interviews and other public appearances. We also help our artists to stay informed about industry trends and news, and to make strategic connections that can help their careers to grow.

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