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Bershy is in love and she’s ready to broadcast it to the whole world. “Radio”, the latest single from the Cincinnati queer pop star recounts singer songwriter and producer Brea Shay’s transformation inspired by meeting her partner at a party. “Before I got together with my partner, I was really depressed. I hated going out or being around people. Parties were a literal nightmare. But when we met my whole outlook changed and I found myself excited about life and love. ‘Radio’ is the story of that change.” “Radio” marks a new era for Bershy as she takes on a larger role in her own productions, preparing to launch her next EP early next year. 

Bershy is an American queer pop artist from Ohio and the stage name for Brea Shay. In 2020 Bershy released three demos on her own which quickly garnered a following amongst her hometown music community. The attention led to extensive play on local independent radio station WGUC 90.9 Inhailer Radio, further establishing Bershy as an up and coming artist in the burgeoning Cincinnati music scene. In 2022 Bershy began working on new music, announcing her upcoming single “Radio” co-produced by Shay and Multimagic’s Coran Stetter. 


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